Golf Course Industry : Bunker audits

I recently came across this article, Golf Course Industry : Bunker audits.  I really like the effort that the superintendent makes to keep his players happy.  I am not sure of the hours involved but I am sure that they are considerable.  Hopefully he will discover our Auto-Sifting bunker rake, and this will help him maintain the quality of the sand as well as the depth.

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Equi-Tee visits dozens of Superintendents Blogs

I attended the GCSAA show in Orlando to introduce our Shake’n Rake bunker sand sifting tool to the golf industry.  Although it started out a bit slow, in the end it was one of the best conventions I have ever participated in.  I think that people thought I was simply selling another conventional bunker rake. But as the show progressed there came more and more clients to the booth to see the auto-sifting action of the motorized bunker rake in person that I became a bit overwhelmed. I was barely able to spend more than a couple of minutes with each person before demonstrating and answering questions for the next.  It would have been helpful to have had another person in the booth to help!

One thing became clear right away, golf course superintendents really care about their job and the quality of play that they offer to their clients.  Many of them share their daily activities through daily blogs, and I have been visiting many of them this past week.  If you left an email contact, I probably sent you a note with some special offers for the upcoming spring.

The Equi-Tee Shake’n Rake is a unique auto sifting hand tool that allows golf course superintendents to maintain sand bunkers to a high level at a lower cost.  Visit our website to see how.

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Why maintain clean bunker sand? Golfers appreciate it!

The first question  that needs answering is why should bunker sand be cleaned?  Why should a bunker rake and all the associated labor and costs be utilized?  After all a sand bunker is considered a hazard, shouldn’t a stray hit result in a penalty?

The answer is “not necessarily”.  Many times golf courses have bunkers added to modify the players shots, after all without modification features, golf courses would be pretty boring to play.  A bunker can be placed if the ball is hit too long, too short, or simply off line.

But they shouldn’t discourage players from engaging in superior play or strategy.  So if a player decides to attempt a shot and carry it over a bunker and it doesn’t make it, landing in the bunker is the result.  At this point having a bunker that is playable will either encourage play by allowing a different skill set to come into play, or discourage play by introducing a lie or contamination that prevents a clean exit.

This is not the goal of a bunker, otherwise it may as well be a lake or pond, an automatic stroke penalty.  A sand bunker that is thoughtfully groomed with a bunker rake makes through play possible.

The Equi-Tee Shake’n Rake is a unique auto sifting hand tool that allows golf course superintendents to maintain sand bunkers to a high level at a lower cost.  Visit our website to see how.


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Welcome to Bunkerrake

On the surface it would seem unusual to post about golf bunker rakes, but since Equitee manufactures a unique motorized sand sifting rake I thought I would write about it and allow others who use it to post. In addition I have found that golf course superintendents take great pride in their courses and I wanted to link to some of their work.  For more information about our bunker rakes, please visit

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